1. Advanced Kinetics and Reactor Design   (CHEN E4330, Graduate Course)

Course Description: Reaction kinetics, molecular view of reaction kinetics, reactions in liquid, reactions at surfaces, diffusion-reaction systems, kinetics of electrochemistry and photochemistry. Applications to the design of batch and continuous reactors. Special topics in kinetics and reactor design such as electrocatalysis and photocatalysis/photoelectrochemistry.

2. Solar Fuels  (CHEN E4231)

Course Description: Fundamentals and applications of solar energy conversion, especially technologies for conversion of sunlight into storable chemical energy, or solar fuels. Topics include fundamentals of photoelectrochemistry, kinetics of solar fuels production, solar harvesting technologies, solar reactors, and solar thermal production of solar fuels. Applications include solar fuels technology for grid-scale energy storage, chemical industry, manufacturing, environmental remediation.

Solar_Fuels_PBL_project_description:  An key component of CHEN E4321 is a group project based on a problem based learning philosophy.  Students who took the course in Spring 2016 were given the choice of working on one of three open-ended solar-fuels related problems:

Option #1:  Project_1_solar hydrogen balloons

Option #2: Project_2_PEC_environmental

Option #3: Project_3_solar_fuels_on_Mars