Journal Articles


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  • S. Ma, A. H. Akca, D.V. Esposito, S. Kawashima, “Influence of aqueous carbonate species on the hydration and carbonation behavior of reactive MgO cement”. Journal of CO2 Utilization, vol. 41, 101260, 2020. Download here.
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2015 and earlier

  • D.V. Esposito, J.B. Baxter, J. John, N.S. Lewis, T.P. Moffat, T. Ogitsu, G.D. O’Neil, T.A. Pham, A.A. Talin, J.M. Velazquez, B.C. Wood. “Methods of Photoelectrode Characterization with High Spatial and Temporal Resolution.” Energy & Environmental Science. vol. 8, 2863-2885, 2015.
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  •  D.V. Esposito, I. Levin, T.P. Moffat, and A.A. Talin. “Hydrogen Evolution at Si-based Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Photoelectrodes Enhanced by Inversion Channel Charge Collection and Hydrogen Spillover.” Nature Materials, vol. 12, 562-568 (2013). (Highlighted as a NIST tech beat item and in EARTH Magazine).