Research Group

Professor Dan Esposito
Group Advisor


Department: Chemical Engineering

Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware
B.S., Chemical Engineering, Lehigh University

E-mail: de2300(at)columbia(dot)edu

Curriculum Vitae
Faculty Profile

Xiangye Liu


Xiangye grew up in Hebei Province of China and attended Hebei University where he received his B.S. in chemistry. Then he attended Peking University where he worked under Prof. Fuqiang Huang on novel nanomaterials for electrocatalysis applications. After receiving his phD degree from Peking University, he came to Columbia University to investigate 2D materials for CO2 electrochemical reduction. Outside of lab he likes to walk in the park, play badminton and have fun with his friends.

Natalie Labrador
Ph.D. Student


Natalie grew up in sunny southern California and attended University of California, Santa Barbara where she received her B.S. in chemical engineering. Now a Ph.D. candidate at Columbia University, Natalie’s research interests are solar energy conversion and photoelectrodes for solar water splitting. On cloudy days when she misses the sun she basks in front of the Esposito Lab’s high-wattage lamp solar simulator. Just kidding, that would be an extreme safety hazard.

Jack Davis
Ph.D. Student

jack 220

Jack is a native of Columbus, Ohio, and received his B.S. in chemical engineering from The Ohio State University. At OSU, he researched solid oxide fuel cells and oxidative dehydrogenation with the Ozkan lab group.  His current research interests include electrocatalysis, solar fuels generation, and electrochemical flow cells.  Jack volunteers as a high school math and science tutor through Columbia’s Dual Discovery Center. His favorite color is blue and he is a shameless fan of Star Wars.

Anna Dorfi
Ph.D. Student


Anna grew up in Akron, Ohio and received her B.S. in Chemical Engineering at The Ohio State University. Before coming to Columbia, she was on a Fulbright grant doing research on using anodized aluminum substrates for perovskite solar cell applications at the MPI for Polymer Research. Her current research interests include studying the bubble dynamics in water electrolysis, electrochemical flow cells, and solar fuels generation. Outside of lab, Anna enjoys Ultimate Frisbee, running and finding the best food in NYC.


Cody Hirashima
Master’s Student


Cody is a Master’s Student from East Rockaway, NY and received his B.S. in chemical engineering from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. His research interests include renewable energy, sustainable engineering, solar cells, and catalysis. Outside of his endeavors at Columbia, Cody enjoys swimming, cooking, and tabletop games.

Saumya Gulati
Master’s Student


Saumya is originally from India and did her undergrad from Harcourt Butler Technological Institute(HBTI). During her undergrad she studied about edible oil testing and saponification processes. Currently she is doing masters in Chemical Engineering and started working with ERG from November 2015. She is interested in photoelectrochemical cells and plans on pursuing a PhD in the same or similar field. She is also a passionate sports fan and enjoys watching cricket. She also loves dancing, traveling and hiking.

 Chinedu Okorafor

DSC02490 copy (1)

Chinedu is a third year undergraduate student in the chemical engineering department from New Jersey. She has an interest in alternative sources of energy, specifically hydrogen fuel production. After obtaining her Bachelor’s, Chinedu plans to pursue a masters in chemical engineering. Outside of school, Chinedu is a part of the mentorship program of the Society of Women Engineers and is a member of the National Society of Black Engineers.

Kareem Stanley
Undergraduate Student
RA Picture

Kareem is a third-year undergraduate from Laurelton, New York, majoring in Chemical Engineering and pursuing minors in Sustainable Engineering and Applied Math. He has had experience in a variety of labs, including a biology lab working on early development in fruit flies and an organic chemistry lab synthesizing molecules for new cancer treatment methods, but his true passion is renewable energy. After procuring his Bachelor’s, Kareem plans to pursue a Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering with a focus in this area. When not perfecting his problem sets and lab techniques, Kareem enjoys playing basketball and jogging through Riverside Park.

Group Alumni

Glen O’Neil– Assistant Professor at Montclair State University

Corey Christian (MS student)- Draper Laboratory

Tian Wang (MS student)- PhD student at National University of Singapore

Ji Qi (MS student)- PhD student at UC Riverside

Xinxin Li (MS student)

Yukun Liu (MS student)

Xinran Fan (MS student)

Saringi Agata (Undergrad) – PhD student at University of Virginia