(Photo)electrocatalytic materials

Topic #1:  Development of (photo)electrocatalytic materials and electrode architectures

(left): Cross-sectional TEM image of a novel photoelectrode architecture based on an insulator-metal-insulator-semiconductor (IMIS) structure. This IMIS structure was found to greatly enhance the stability and charge transport properties compared to conventional metal-insulator-semiconductor (MIS) electrodes lacking the top overlayer. Details can be found in reference [2]. TEM image credit: Haiyan Tan.
 Central to the operation of PEC, electrolyzer, fuel cell, and PV electrolysis devices are electrocatalysts and photocatalysts, materials that must efficiently facilitate charge transfer processes across solid/solid and solid/electrolyte interfaces.Developing novel electrocatalytic and photoelectrochemical materials architectures for improved activity, stability, and selectivity in (photo)electrochemical processes is a major focus of our lab’s activities. A good example of our efforts in this area is a novel photoelectrode architecture based on insulator-coated metal nanoparticles (see image).[2] As shown in this publication, the presence of 1-10 nanometer thick silicon oxide (SiOx) overlayers significant enhance charge transfer between the Si photoelectrode and Pt nanoparticle catalysts while greatly improving photoelectrode stability. In more recent work,[1] our lab is using these SiOx layers as “nanomembranes” that can simultaneously prevent various modes of electrocatalyst degradation while introducing advanced catalytic functionalities through selective transport of reactants or products between the electrolyte and catalyst.


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